sabato 9 gennaio 2010


A=apple-I like apple
B=bycicle-I usually ride bycicle
C=chat-I like writer chat
D=dog-My dog's name is rex
E=empoli-Empoli is city of italy
F=fish-I like fish
G=green-The green is my favourite colours
H=hear-I hear music
I=ice-I like cola end ice
J=junior-My name is junior
K=k-way-My k-way is red
L=lunch-I have lunch at three o'clok
M=mum-My mum is best
N=number-My number is 3317387058
O=offen-I offen going to the cinema
P=picture-I like picture
Q=quiet-I like the quiet
R=race-I like race on machine
S=sing-I like sing
T=ten-My sister at 3 years old
U=usually-I usually going to the cinema
V=very-My work is very good
W=wafer-I like wafer
X=xilofono-Xilofono is an istrument
Y=yacht-I love yacht
Z=zodiac-My zodiac is lion

sabato 5 dicembre 2009


hello my name is gabriele,i'm from Italia,and live in marconia,my favourites hobbyes is football and swimming pool,i have one brothers,i lived in my parent,i love music,i am first year of geometra in bernalda.My eyes are brown and my hair is black it is short.